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uc browser download

The UC Browser is the worlds Fastest mobile browser, Using our powerful navigation, you can launch the cool sites with only one single click, Unique compression technology lets you surf the web with lightning speed, Advanced Cloud Computing technology makes browsing more efficient than ever, Convenient to resume the interrupted downloads whenever you want.

uc browser free

The UC Browser 9 includes

uc browser faster
3g speed in 2g sim

cricket scores

500 million free games

choice of people

super mobile downloading
  • Taking care of your eyes- Auto Notification between night mode and day mode.
  • Browsing whenever and wherever –more powerful bookmark
  • Filling the Language gap–support Arabic language
  • Fixed access connection timeout error–Fixed timeout problem during webpage browsing.
  • Fixed image loading failure–Fixed timeout error in loading image.
  • Optimized Cache management–Cache will be adjusted automatically. You don’t need to reset and clear Cache manually anymore.
  • Make ur eyes more colorful–support more image format
  • New Application Center can customize your favorite applications;
  • Touch-screen machines to optimize page navigation, more compact layout, richer, intelligent push site;
  • Touch-screen machine menu item layout, color optimization and adjustment;
  • Download page security optimization, download security upgrade.
  • Fast: UC8 is the fastest in races of 2G, 3G, and WIFI 
  • Because of the powerful capability of U3 kernel, UC8 has an average speed over 50% higher than those of other mobile browsers in 3G network, and up to 30% faster than other mobile browsers of independent kernels when accessing Internet in WIFI environment.
    In the future UC will introduce its hardware capacity and stronger HTML5 rendering and accelerating ability into U3 kernel to upgrade further the speed of UC browser.

  • Smart: UC8 realizes various smart modes of smart reading, smart forum, and smart screen-adapting etc. UC8 will recognize users’ visit to stories, forums, and twitters in a smart way and enter into the smart mode. For example, when a user visits qidian.com for reading stories and the current page goes down to the lower part of mobile phone screen, UC8 will read automatically the next page and locate it to the bottom of the current page, freeing the user from the labor of page turning in reading the whole story.At the same time, no matter whatever font size the user likes to choose, and no matter which place the user likes to locate the screen, UC8 will adjust the current page to the effects suiting user’s phone screen in an automatic and intelligent way. This means that the user has no need to drag phone screen left or right for reading just a line of title.

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