Sachin Tendulkar moves to his New house in Mumbai | Pictures of Rs 80 crore House

Sachin Tendulkar moves to his new house in Mumbai
Sachin tendulkar’s new house
Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar and his family on Wednesday moved to their new house in Bandra’s West Perry Cross Road, Sachin Tendulkar said that the move into his new home was an emotional moment for him, The renowned astrologer, Bejan Daruwalla, says that it will prove to be very lucky for him.
Tendulkar has shifted his residence from La Mer Housing Society, also in Bandra west, to this spacious villa that is spread over 6,000 square feet.
Sachin spoke to media and said that he had given up his former home and wanted it to be used for the development of other sports, Tendulkar’s new house looks like a palace. He is the first Indian player, after the Nawab of Pataudi, to have the most luxurious bungalow. All other legendary players live in posh flats but not in bungalows.

Sachin tendulkar at his new house
Some Media reports on Wednesday said Tendulkar had violated terms by performing a puja and moving in furniture without getting the BMC’s occupation certificate (OC). However, under Section 353 (a) of the development control rule, the owner is allowed to receive a conditional OC “if there are minor objections found in the Building Completion Certificate (BCC)”. Despite this, if somebody moves into the house, a one-time charge of Rs 50 per sq m of area is levied on the defaulter. “We haven’t verified if Tendulkar has moved in. In any case,

We will send engineers to his house on Friday to investigate. If he has occupied the premises illegally, we will initiate action,” said an official.
Sources in the corporation said it is a common practice, although not legal, for residents to move in without getting an OC since getting one is an ongoing process. At times, the corporation gives permission to move in only the furniture with a possession letter, a sort of conditional OC. This is done even when water and some times other amenities are in the process of being established. “Many major builders are asking buyers to move in, on the basis of the permission to move in furniture,” said an official. There as many as 2400 buildings in Mumbai without an OC. Recently, the civic body slapped an eviction notice on a building in Prabhadevi. But no action has been initiated.

Here is the Full Secrets of Sachine’s new House

  • While it might look like a triple story house from the outside, Tendulkar’s home is actually spread across five floors. Besides the three storeys above the ground level, the villa, designed after taking into consideration Tendulkar’s likes and dislikes, reportedly has two underground basements.
  • The batting maestro’s new home has been reconstructed on a plot that earlier housed a dilapidated bungalow, which Sachin had bought for Rs 39 crore in 2007.
  • The villa has been secured with high—walled fencing to avoid curious onlookers. CCTV cameras and sensors have also been installed.
  • The second basement of the house can hold 45-50 cars at a time. 
  • The first basement includes the kitchen, master surveillance room and servant quarters.
  • The first floor has been devoted to the kids, with separate rooms for his son Arjun and daughter Sara, while the top floor has been kept for Mr and Mrs Tendulkar.
  • The ground floor comprises of large drawing room with a separate dining space for the entire family and a temple of Lord Ganesha on the ground floor premises.
  • A temple, drawing and dining rooms, besides arrangements for displaying various awards and trophies won by Tendulkar, who holds most of the batting records and is one short of completing a century of international tons, will occupy most of the ground floor.

Pictures of Sachin’s New House
Sachine new house frontage

Sachine new house name board

Sachine audi car

Sachine new house balcony

Sachine new house side view

Sachine new house CCTV camera

Sachine new house 

Sachine new house


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