Add Sitemap file for blogger blog to boost your SEO
A successful blogger manages his/her blog as a baby, if we don't maintain our blog carefully and not published frequently, the blog becomes a dead blog. With proper SEO and Customization you can cherish your blogger career.

So in order to crawl all your blog posts your blog needs a Sitemap file, these XML file gives the structure of your blog with all blog posts and its links. So this makes a connection between your blog posts and search engine crawlers. So creating a sitemap file notifies search engine when you publish your blog post, this makes your blog published faster.
So in order to create a sitemap file for your blogger blog is easy, with the use Google Search Console (Webmasters Tools) you can create a sitemap file for your blog, all you need is to signup and verify Webmasters Tools.

How To Submit 

1. Go-To Search Console (Webmasters Tools) Sign Up
2. Verify your Blog with Webmasters Tools
3. Now Select your Blog from Search Console
search console
4. Open Crawl > Sitemaps
search console sitemap
5. Click Add/Test Sitemap
add sitemap
6. Type sitemap.xml and click Submit Sitemap
7. Refresh your Page
blogger sitemap
8. After your successful submission it will take some days to index all your pages.
That's it, Happy Blogging.



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