Create Facebook Cover Photo with Instagram Photos
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The publicity of Instagram is increasing day by day, Its because of the astronomical rise in the use Smarphones and Tablets, with this the users around the globe is instagraming their life to the public. The unique filters of Instagram is giving a fulfilling experience to the users. If you ever tried to create Facebook cover photo with your Instagram photos, in normal condition it’s a hard task, downloading editing cropping …etc.. but the following tutorials will gives you the easy and perfect ways to create Facebook cover photos with your Instagram photos.




1. Go to Ink361

2. Click Tools

3. Click Create My Cover Button
instagram Facebook cover

4. Once it loads all the pictures Click Download it Button
instagram pics
You can see that the cover picture shows a link to your Instagram Photos.

If you are not satisfied with the above method, and you want more control over the selection of photos and want more editing option then here is another method.

1. Go to Insta Cover

2. Sign in with your Facebook Account

3. To Select photos for your Cover Photo you have 5 options are available

     - All : This options selects some random photos from instagram
     - InstagramID : Select pictures from any instagram user with their username
     - Category : Select pictures from category
     - Tags : Select pictures with Tags

     - Photos you liked : This option selects the pictures you like recently in Instagram
4. Select any sorting rule
5. Add any Text to the picture
6. Set the size of the image (If you have more photos select small to get all pictures)
7. Tick Whether you want rounded edge
8. Select spacing between photos
9. Tick to display Date or no of likes received
10. Click Preview, and select Final preview to download the image



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