Advance OS and LED

advance os and led BB
When you heard the BB Message tone you always excited to see the messages or any other notification but the truth is its just a message from your service provide not your girlfriend (Bad luck), Tired of opening your blackberry for unwanted messages try

Advance OS and LED app for Blackberry, this app helps you to display all your notifications (Apps,Battery,Device,Network), messages (BBM,Email), Call events only using your LED display light, so you don’t need to open your device for new notifications, it also display notifications from 3rd party applications like Facebook, What's App, its a must have app for Blackberry.


● SMS,Email,BBM

● Call Events
● Facebook Notifications

● Battery Notification
● Network Notifications
● Notification about new Tweet

● Multicolour LED 
● Blinking Light Feature
● Separate Colour for Each Notification 
● BBM Group Message Support

● Supports 3rd Party app Notification




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