October 2011
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Update your Old Symbian Phone to the New Improved Symbian Belle/Anna OS
Nokia 603
Nokia and Symbian Just introduced the Brand new Symbian Belle OS, and Nokia introduced new smartphones with Symbian Belle the New Nokia 600, Nokia 603 ,Nokia 701Nokia 700.

Features of Symbian Belle OS
TechCybo is a popular how-to blog Founded in 2010 Tips and Tricks for living better in the digital age
701 Review
Nokia 701
Nokia 701 is the first Phone With Symbian Belle (the latest symbian OS) A fresh, new look with up to six home screens bringing everything important right to you, including friends, Facebook posts, music and much more. And you decide how they look. Change wallpapers and add shortcuts for your favourite apps. You can also add great new email and radio widgets - mini apps you control right from the home screen.
TechCybo is a popular how-to blog Founded in 2010 Tips and Tricks for living better in the digital age
Here Is The Simple Trick To Change Music With a Shake
Touch Screen phone
In Nokia phones, they are not giving the Shake to change music feature, its only available in Iphone or other Sony Ericsson only,
So Add a little spontaneity to your listening pleasure. Give Your Nokia or Any Symbian Phone a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library. This Trick is Supports Android phone also Android Doesn't need this feature its a Built in Feature in Android.
Shake to Shuffle is perfect for when you’re not in any particular music mood. You never know what you’re going to hear, and you’ll always be pleasantly surprised, also you dont want to Unlock Your Nokia Touch Phone to Change the music, Just Give a Shake, So Shake it up.

How to:
All you need is a Touch Screen Phone
Download and install the Software TTPod
You all set, Go and Enjoy the Music.

TechCybo is a popular how-to blog Founded in 2010 Tips and Tricks for living better in the digital age
Cat Lovers Now able to play with Real Cats and Kittens from a computer in a far away
Cute kitten
For people who Love cats and kittens but don't have any of their own, Now their is a way to play remotely with beautiful cats and kittens.
Bideawee, a New York City based animal welfare organization, introduced remote play dates with Real cats that are up for adoption. 

This works with a innovative software (iPet) this allows users to operate Remote controlled robotic toys entertain cats.
TechCybo is a popular how-to blog Founded in 2010 Tips and Tricks for living better in the digital age
Cover Photos for Facebook New Timeline
facebook cover photo

Facebook Introduced New Timeline feature in Facebook Profile, " Tell your life story with a new kind of profile ".
The new Facebook Timeline cover photo profile design gives you a lovely big space for an image at the top of your page, the best size of facebook cover photo is 850x315, To set your Facebook cover in your profile first you need activate the new facebook timeline feature.
Fill the Facebook Cover Photo area with a unique image that represents you best, it's the first thing poeple see when they visit your profile.
You can make best Facebook Cover photos with your creative ideas like this,
TechCybo is a popular how-to blog Founded in 2010 Tips and Tricks for living better in the digital age
Pen drive
If your Computer works slow when you are using multitasking,browsing pictures or playing multimedia files, This is because of you dont have enough memory to store cach files. With the use of this simple trick you can speed up your computer with your USB Pen drive.
TechCybo is a popular how-to blog Founded in 2010 Tips and Tricks for living better in the digital age
Ra.One Official Game for PC,Iphone,Ipad,Android,Symbian,Java,Airtel DTH,Dish Tv,Reliance DTH

Ra.one Official Game
Ra.One (Hindi: रा.वन) is an upcoming 2011 Hindi science fiction superhero film written and directed by Anubhav Sinha, and starring Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal in the lead roles. It also stars Shahana Goswami, Dalip Tahil and Chinese-American actor Tom Wu in supporting roles, along with Rajinikanth, Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra in guest appearances. The film is jointly produced by Eros International and Khan's production company, Red Chillies Entertainment, and was originally scheduled to release in the summer of 2011. However, due to extensive post-production work involving special effects and the 3D conversion, its release was postponed, and is now set to have a worldwide release during the Diwali weekend of October 26, 2011. Ra.One is currently India's most expensive film to date and will be released in both 2D and 3D formats across 3,200 screens in India, along with its dubbed versions in Tamil, Telugu and German.

In July, Red Chillies Entertainment declared a tie-up with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) to build a full cycle game of the film on PlayStation which offers more than 20 game environments. The film’s characters have been replicated to provide the look. It also uses original voice-overs from the actors. The video game, called "Ra.One - The Game", is
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Using this small application, U can easily manage Music Player while touchscreen and keys are locked
Nokia c7
Have you ever faced this problem when you are listening to music on your Nokia Symbian Touch device and when a song comes up and you don't want to listen to, Normally in this situation you need to unlock the screen in order to change the song, the only drawback of nokia touch device is They don't have any music keys.
However, there is a trick that will allow you to easily change or pause your Music without Unlocking the Phone, With this simple Software Dz Music Key you can  change the song on Nokia touch Phones without unlocking it

About DZ Music Key Mobile Software
Dz Music Key for Symbian s60 5th edition touchscreen is an app that manages your music player. Using this small application, U can easily manage Music Player while touchscreen and keys are locked.It would be more practical if there is a button that can be used for direct access in order to operate the song is we want to hear. 

How to Install Dz Music Key
1. Download and install DZ Music Key

2. Tap DZ Music Key app from the app folder (this app don't have a     interface so tap app to start/stop )

3. Start your Default Nokia Music Player and Lock the Screen

4. Use Call End Button for Next track
Use Call Button for Previous track
Camera Key for Play/Pause

TechCybo is a popular how-to blog Founded in 2010 Tips and Tricks for living better in the digital age
Apple Has Lost a Visionary and Creative genius 
Steve jobs apple
RIP Steve Jobs. You left your mark on our desks, on our ears &
in our hands.

According to a statement just issued by Apple's
Board of Directors, company co-founder and
longtime CEO Steve Jobs has passed away. Apple has also put up the following website in
memory. They're asking for "thoughts, memories,
and condolences" to be shared by way of this
email address: rememberingsteve@apple.com It was only a little over a month ago that Jobs
stepped down as CEO saying at the time, "I have
always said if there ever came a day when I could
no longer meet my duties and expectations as
Apple's CEO, I would be the first to let you know.
Unfortunately, that day has come." Jobs remained Chairman of the Board at the
company, as well as director and an Apple
employee. He recommended that company COO
Tim Cook take his place as CEO. Yesterday, Cook
gave his first keynote address as CEO, unveiling
the new iPhone 4S.

The Key Dates from the life of Steve Jobs
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2000 Rupees for a Tablet Pc !?
The wait for the world's cheapest tablet is finally over, Yeah it is true, The world's cheapest tablet Pc is not from China or Japan and it is made in India, 
The 2000 (60$) Rupees Tablet PC was launched on Wednesday, Aakash has been developed by the Indian Institute of Technology.

Kapil Sibal with Tablet Pc Akash

The low-cost tablet is primarily meant for educational purposes and features Android OS along with Wi-Fi connectivity. It features a 2GB Flash memory with 2GB Micro SD card that is expandable upto 32GB with two full USB ports, a miniSD card and a SIM card slot.
The device comes with a 2100mAh battery that will last upto two to three hours.The tablet has been developed as a part of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology that aims to link 25,000 colleges and 400 universities for an e-learning programme.
The device is expected to give some of the more costly tablet computers tough competition as it will also PDF reader, video conferencing functioning, sci-lab, media player, remote device management capability, multimedia input-output interface option and multiple content viewer, In the future low cost tablets set to hit market.
Speaking at an award ceremony held in New Delhi by the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) last month, Communications and Information Technology minister Kapil Sibal had said that the tablet would help children go beyond the boundary of classroom and teachers to acquire knowledge through IT.

Datawind adds that it is supplying to the government at a price of Rs 2200, which includes sales tax and replacement warranty. "The $35 price is achievable at higher volume levels. When we supply the product to the government at $35, then too it will allow us a margin, albeit at higher volumes," Datawind CEO added.

India trails fellow BRIC nations Brazil, Russia and China in the drive to get its 1.2 billion population connected to technologies such as the Internet and mobile phones, a report by risk analysis firm Maplecroft said this year.

The number of Internet users grew 15-fold between 2000 and 2010, according to another recent report. Still, just 8 percent of Indians have access. That compares with nearly 40 percent in China.

Some 19 million people subscribe to mobile phones every month, making India the world's fastest growing market, but most are from the wealthier segment of the population in towns.

Bharat Mehra, an expert on the use of communications technology for development, said the budget tablet could be used to deliver distance learning in rural areas and among students.
TechCybo is a popular how-to blog Founded in 2010 Tips and Tricks for living better in the digital age
Apple iPhone 4s - The most amazing iPhone yet
Apple just announced the next iPhone and its Tech Specs officially. The iPhone 4s doesn't have a Design Upgrade from the previous releases, but the Hardware is much better and improved a lot.

Apple iPhone 4s
Whats new in the Apple iPhone 4s

Apple introduced the new concept called as " SIRI " (The intelligent assistant). 
Now you can use your voice to use your iPhone. Just talk to Siri as you would to a person: “Do I need an umbrella?” or “Any great burgers around here?” or “Where’s the closest ATM?” Siri not only understands what you say, it knows what you mean.1 It figures out the right apps to use to find the right answer. Then, just like a personal assistant, it answers you. Siri makes phone calls, sends messages, schedules meetings, sets reminders, and more. How much more? Just ask, and Siri tells you that, too.

Apple iPhone 4s

The new Dual-core A5 chip. The most powerful iPhone processor ever with Two cores in the A5 chip deliver up to two times more power and up to seven times faster graphics.2 And you’ll feel the effects. Fast. iPhone 4S is quick and responsive, which makes all the difference when you’re launching apps, browsing the web, gaming, and doing just about everything. And no matter what you're doing, you can keep on doing it. Because the A5 chip is so power-efficient, iPhone 4S has outstanding battery life.
iPhone 4S is great for gamers. The A5 chip pushes graphics up to seven times faster. So games run smoother and they’re even more realistic. And graphics-intensive apps perform even better,The dual-core A5 chip delivers up to two times more processing power, which makes iPhone 4S even more responsive. Pages load quicker. Gameplay is better. And everything just feels faster, and The power-efficient A5 chip and iOS 5 deliver outstanding battery life. So you can keep making calls, checking email, playing video, and browsing the web.

Apple iPhone 4s
The iPhone 4S camera gives you 8 megapixels — that’s 60 percent more pixels than the camera on iPhone 4. And they’re engineered with a higher, full-well capacity to collect even more light. With more megapixels and more light, you’ll see a dramatic difference in the resolution and details of your images. The custom lens uses five precision elements to shape incoming light, which makes the entire image sharper. The larger f/2.4 aperture lets in more light, so photos look brighter. And the advanced hybrid infrared filter keeps out harmful IR light for more accurate and uniform colors, Touch up photos right on your iPhone — without the help of photo editing software on a computer. You can crop and rotate photos, enhance the image overall, and even remove red-eye.

Apple iPhone 4s
Record amazing 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second. The advanced backside illumination sensor and larger aperture let in even more light. Improved auto white balance makes color even more accurate. And temporal noise reduction helps you take great videos in low light. Video stabilization removes unwanted motion caused by unsteady hands. And if you’re recording a scene with subjects in both the foreground and the background, the camera focuses where you want with a tap, and It’s easy to edit your HD video right on iPhone. Just drag to select start and end points on a filmstrip to trim your clips. Or make a mini-blockbuster in iMovie with Apple-designed themes, titles, transitions, and even a soundtrack.

Apple iPhone 4s
iOS The world’s most advanced mobile operating system. And the easiest to use.
With every iOS advancement come even easier ways to do everything. That’s what makes iOS years ahead of anything else. iOS 5 leaps even further ahead, bringing over 200 new features to iPhone 4S. Here are just a few of our favorites.
Apple iPhone 4s
Also the improved iCloud ,the easiest way to manage all your stuff, because it manages it all for you. iCloud stores your music, photos, apps, mail, contacts, calendars, documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. It’s automatic, effortless, and seamless. And it just works.
iCloud. Your content. On all your devices,With iCloud, the music you buy in iTunes appears automatically on all your devices. You can also download your past iTunes purchases. So your music collection goes where you go, With Photo Stream, you can take a photo on one iOS device and it automatically appears on all your other devices, including your Mac or PC. Your photos show up, just like that. And you can show them off everywhere, and iCloud can automatically keep your presentations, reports, and other documents up to date across all your devices. Even when you update them, they're updated in the cloud automatically.

Apple iPhone 4s

The Retina display Clearly remarkable.
The sharpest, most vibrant thing you’ll see on iPhone 4S is everything. The Retina display is the highest-resolution phone screen ever. In fact, the pixel density is so high that the human eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels. But without a doubt, you’ll notice crisp text, sharp graphics, and stunning images. It’s more remarkable than the printed page. And you’ll be completely absorbed.

Apple iPhone 4s

FaceTime. It’s even better face-to-face.
Apart from Video calling they introduced  FaceTime lets you hear a voice and see the face that goes with it iPhone to iPhone, iPad 2, iPod touch, or Mac over Wi-Fi.5 So no matter where they are, no matter where you are, you’ll always be there. Making a FaceTime call is just as easy as making a phone call. And it’s even easier with Siri. Just tell Siri “FaceTime with Mom” and you show up, smile, and wave hello. You’ll never miss a big event, an important meeting, or a good laugh.

Apple iPhone 4s

AirPlay. From the small screen to the big screen.
With AirPlay, you can wirelessly stream what’s on your iPhone to your HDTV and speakers via Apple TV.6 And with AirPlay Mirroring, whatever you see and do on your iPhone appears on your HDTV at the same time.

Apple iPhone 4s

AirPrint. Print everything wirelessly.
Print your email, photos, web pages, and documents right from your iPhone over Wi-Fi.7 There’s no software to download, no drivers to install, and no cables to connect. With just a few taps, you can go from viewing something on the iPhone screen to holding a printed copy.

Apple iPhone 4s

Call it better, faster, and even more worldly.
iPhone 4S is the first phone to intelligently switch between two antennas to transmit and receive, so call quality is better. It also doubles the maximum HSDPA data speeds to 14.4 Mbps.8 Which means faster connections, faster loading and reloading, and faster downloads. And iPhone 4S is a world phone, so you can use it almost anywhere. Whether you’re a GSM or CDMA customer, you can roam GSM networks in 200 countries around the world.

Apple iPhone 4s

Built-in apps. They do just about everything. So you can, too.
You’ll do everyday things in extraordinary ways on iPhone 4S. Take amazing photos and shoot HD video. See your friends and family with FaceTime. Browse the web on the Retina display. Check email. Send messages. Set reminders. Check calendars. Or just ask Siri to help you get things done — it figures out the right apps to use.

Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s Technical Specifications

Color       White Black
Capacity 16GB 32GB 64GB
Price       $199  $299 $399

The iPhone 4s is Coming October 14, 
Pre-Order online beginning October 7,
Available in Stores at 8 am on October 14

[via Apple.com]


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uc browser

UC mobile offers free and easy to download mobile browsers for almost any mobile phones, this gives a great browsing experience in a small package.
TechCybo is a popular how-to blog Founded in 2010 Tips and Tricks for living better in the digital age
Sachin Tendulkar moves to his new house in Mumbai
Sachin tendulkar's new house
Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar and his family on Wednesday moved to their new house in Bandra’s West Perry Cross Road, Sachin Tendulkar said that the move into his new home was an emotional moment for him, The renowned astrologer, Bejan Daruwalla, says that it will prove to be very lucky for him.
Tendulkar has shifted his residence from La Mer Housing Society, also in Bandra west, to this spacious villa that is spread over 6,000 square feet.
Sachin spoke to media and said that he had given up his former home and wanted it to be used for the development of other sports, Tendulkar’s new house looks like a palace. He is the first Indian player, after the Nawab of Pataudi, to have the most luxurious bungalow. All other legendary players live in posh flats but not in bungalows.