Nokia Launched Symbian Belle - latest version of the Symbian operating system

Presenting Symbian Belle which is an update to Symbian Anna operating system. The Symbian Belle operating system is said to bring some really cool features along, which includes a task switcher, the ability to quickly move between applications or close them down plus it will also have the Android-style drop down notifications. 
Symbian Belle
Symbian Belle  Includes New widgets, customization option, an improved status bar, modernized navigation and NFC capabilities, Whether it’s sharing photos, videos and music, pairing with new smartphones, or accessing new levels in Angry Birds – you can do it all in just a tap.
also Nokia introduced New feature NFC a new type tap to pair tap to share option, its easier than Bluetooth or Wi-fi
In this way share big files, music, videos, business cards, also play games, NFC is a New era of sharing. 
Symbian Belle you have the ability to personalise your homescreens and express yourself. Tailor your live feeds to show what is most important to you and see the very latest updates from your social networks at a glance. 

Now nokia Introduced Symbian Belle with three shiny nokia phones Nokia 600, 700, 701

Nokia 600, Nokia 700, Nokia 701
Tha Symbian Belle software update will be available later for other phones in the nokia range (Nokia N8, E6, E7, C6, C7, X7)



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