How to Use WhatsApp in Your PC Web Browser | WhatsApp Web - Official Web Client

WhatsApp Web - WhatsApp in Your Web Browser
whatsapp web
Here is a good news for all the WhatsApp users who are tried many ways to use WhatsApp in their PC. WhatsApp officially introduced WhatsApp Web that mirrors all your conversations to your web browser, thats is you can simultaneously use WhatsApp on both your Smartphone and web browser.

Download Resume Format For Freshers (15 Attractive Resume Formats)

Free Resume Format's for Freshers

download resume format for freshers

This easy to edit beautifully created Resume format's pack contains 15 well aligned professional resume format that suits best for freshers and college graduates. A well designed resume is essential to get a good job , resume format used to arrange or represent your basic, personal and professional details.

Top 5 Android Apps for Freelancers

Best Apps for Freelancers

mac air sofa wooden

Companies hire freelancers to do their various assignments, the main advantage of freelance job is you can work from anywhere anytime. Most freelancers works from their own environment like home, coffee shop, train station, etc. So the following are the must have android apps for better freelancing.

How to Edit and Save Database Table Data without Dropping and Re-Creating Table in visual studio

Save Changes without Dropping and Re-Creating Table in visual studio
visual studio server explorer table
In Visual Studio when you are dealing with tables in Server Explorer, once you create a table and then you need to change any value in the table data, you will probably get the following error.

Recycle Bin Apps for Android|Temporary Storage of Deleted Files

Recycle Bin Apps for Android
android gallery delete option

What is missing in an Android device is a Recycle Bin that temporary stores the deleted files, and most of the people googled for "is there a recycle bin on android" , the answer is yes, the following apps helps to add a recycle bin to your Android Phone.

how to Set Environment Variable for Java in Windows 8,8.1

Set Environment Variable for Java in Windows 8,8.1
java home

Defining JAVA_HOME is an important process after the installation of your JDK you must set the JAVA_HOME as your system variable, this is essential in the GlassFish ESB installation. another reason is most of the java IDE's only work after JAVA_HOME is declared, the Android Studio not works until u set the JAVA_HOME variable.