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How to use PC as WiFi Hotspot|Share Internet Connection with all your WiFi Devices

Use PC as a Wifi Hotspot

hotspot pc

If you don't have WiFi Router and want to share your PC internet connection with all your WiFi devices, then Connectify Hotspot helps you to convert your PC as Wifi modem and you can share your internet connection like a Wifi router. In this way you can share any of your internet connections no matter its broadband, 3g or 4g adapter,DSL etc. And you can access it from any of your Wifi devices.


How to Use Multiple Internet Connections in one PC to Increase Internet Speed

Combine Multiple Internet Connections and Increase Speed


If you need high speed Internet you certainly buy a broadband connection or subscribe to WiMAX service, to avail this service you need to pay a lot of money for it. If you are not ready to pay this much amount you probably subscribe to Dial up connection or Mobile Internet , this type of Internet connections are very cheap and everyone can afford it, the drawback is the performance is very less, in order to get rid this problem you can combine and use your dial up connection and your mobile Internet connection in a single PC or laptop with simple tool called Connectify Dispatch.


Type Malayalam|Tamil|Hindi Other Regional Indian Languages in Samsung Android Phone without any Apps

Type Regional Indian Languages Without any Apps

type regional languages in android samsung

India now has nearly 867,800,000 mobile phone users. India is the second largest country based on the total number of mobile phone users. Companies like Samsung introduced Indian language support in their Android Smart phones, they launched 9 Regional language support including Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati. Many Galaxy series phones now supporting the regional languages other devices are added soon.


Safeguarding Children with Family Safety in Windows 8 helps to Block Apps and Games|Filter Web Access|Set time limit|Monitor Activities

Family Safety : Best Parental Control Tool in Windows 8

kids using computer
Are you tired of thinking what your kids are doing with their computer and internet, its not possible to check web history all the , children's are too good at clearing web history, so this type of manual checking not works all the time instead peeking at your children's pc you can create a new user account for your children and activate family safety to record the activities of your child anonymously. Family Safety gives activity reports about which websites your kids have visited and which apps and games they've used.


How to Solve Windows 8 not Installing or Update apps in app store

Solved Windows 8 App Store not Downloading or Updating apps

windows 8 app store pending

After you bought your first Windows 8 machine you have noticed that some of your windows 8 app store apps need update. In order your update your apps you clicked the update all button, then there is the problem your installation still showing pending in all your update.


BSNL Broadband Problem Solution|DNS Settings|Connection Ok but No Internet

BSNL Broadband Problem Solution

teracom adsl modem

BSNL the largest Broadband service provider in India has the latest features like multi-gigabit, multi-protocol convergent ip infrastructure. But the problem is most of the BSNL Broadband users are not satisfied with their bsnl broadband connection because of the slow internet and no internet access for some users. Most of the problems occurred because of the line problems, apart from this if the connection is ok (that means your modem internet indicator shows green light) sometimes its not possible to connect to your internet, even if the wifi is works fine you don't get internet in your PC. This problem mainly occures because of your DNS settings, so here i show you the step by step instruction to solve the BSNL Broadband connection problem.

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