Transfer ANY Video or Music to iPhone without iTunes | Drag & Drop | WALTR

Here is your Jaw dropping software for all iOS users those who are struggling to watch their favorite movie, T.V Shows or Music in their iOS device. The fact is iOS devices are capable of playing 4K, HD ( The A8 Processor do it well ) videos but most of the file formats not supported by iOS or iTunes. So here is WALTR the fastest way to convert and transfer any video or music to any iOS device without iTunes.
fastest iphone transfer WALTR

WALTER converts MKV, AVI, MP4 etc. to iPhone and iPad, the simple drag and drop functionality gives the fastest data transfer to any iOS devices, it gives average spedd of 2G/minute. WALTR doesn't require jailbreak device. 
The converted files are played in the default iOS video or music player, and you no longer get unsupported file errors, so WALTR takes all of the problem away with simple drag and drop interface.

How to WALTR

Download and install WALTR ( Compatible with Mac and Windows )


waltr software

Connect your iOS Device

iphone 6s plus usb

Drag and drop files to the WALTR interface

waltr drag and drop

Now WALTR converts the file and upload directly to your device 

Enable https in Blogger Blog

Great news for all the blogspot bloggers, Now HTTPS is available in blogger blogs, but sadly now they rolled out only for the blogspot domains, its not available for custom domains. Anyway this a initial release so in the future versions they include custom domains too.
blogger https

Also in their official announcement, enabling HTTPS may cause errors in some cases so be aware before moving to HTTPS.

Importants of HTTPS

  • Encryption makes content secure
  • SEO Friendly
  • Defeats Sniffing Attacks
  • Privacy
  • Prevent Malware Redirects

To Enable HTTPS

Go-to Blogger dashboard click settings of your blog
blogger settings

In HTTPS settings make yes to enable the HTTPS availability
blogger https enable

Android Wireless Data Transfer or Stream Files,Videos,Songs from PC with WiFi

Wireless Data Transfer or Streaming in Android

Now everything become wireless even wireless charging is available in the market, wireless technologies very convenient to use, people hate wires.
So in this post i will show you how you can transfer data from android device to your PC or vice-versa.
In this method you can access your Files, Movies, Songs etc. from your PC hard disk, so you don't want to transfer movies to your phone, you can seamlessly stream your movies from your PC.

Top 5 Android Apps for Your Brain

Apps for Your Brain

Brain is the CPU of all the livings things in our world, so brain contains lot of complicated nervous tissues. Most of the people don't use the full power of our brain, so the brain become inefficient. Brain is place where all your memories are stored. Whether you are student or professional there are lot of things you can do to improve your brain efficiency, we all know that, but the problem is we don't have time to do the tasks. So with the use of our smartphone you can train your brain with the use the following Top 5 Android Apps.

1. NeuroNation

neuro nation

  • Brain Games
  • More than 4.000.000 Members
  • Track Progress and Compare with Members and Friends

2. Elevate

elevate app

  • Improve Focus, Speaking Skills, processing speed, memory, math skills
  • Personalized Training Program
  • Workout Calendar

3. Lumosity


  • Cognitive and Neuropsychological Tasks
  • Train your Memory, Attention, and more
  • Studies done by Top Scientists Worldwide

4. Brain Dots

Brain dots puzzle

  • Drawing Brain Training Game
  • Flexible Thinking is Going to Become the Key to Victory
  • 15 Languages

5. Fit Brains Trainer

fit brains trainer

  • World's Premier Learning Company
  • Improve Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Multi Platform

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in Blogger Blog | Website

Embed YouTube Subscribe Button

With Google developers you can create the official youtube subscribe button with your youtube channel, you can embed this code anywhere in your blog or website.

Subscribe TechCybo YouTube Channel

2. Enter your channel name or ID (Click the ID to retrieve your channel name)
3. In layout you can set it to Full or Default (Full shows the button with channel profile picture)

4. You can set the theme (Default or Dark)
5. If you want to hide the subscriber count select hidden
6. Now copy the generated code

7. Now go-to, select layout from the drop down

8. Click Add a Gadget

9. Select HTML/JavaScript

10. Paste the code, and click Save

11. Click Save arrangement

Send Email with Attachements and Progressbar in C# Windows Form

In this post explains how to send email from your c# windows application with progress bar and attachment, this method uses the smtp feature of email clients.
Change the red color text to your credentials.